6 Things You Need to Know About Biological Conflicts

1. You cannot create a conflict shock simply by having negative thoughts or intense feelings.

You don't have to have gone through a catastrophic event like living in a war zone, being a victim of a physical assault, or surviving a natural disaster. Those things can absolutely create conflict, but a situation or event doesn’t have to be that large-scale to create a biological conflict in your brain and body. 

It could be as simple as arriving home from work and getting into a fight with your spouse - a fight that you weren’t expecting and couldn’t prepare for.

2. To result in disease, the event must be an unexpected, highly acute, and isolating conflict shock.

The First Biological Law of Germanic Healing Knowledge says that a conflict shock is an emotionally distressing event that you could not anticipate and for which you were not prepared.

Instantly, your body activated a special biological adaptation to help you cope and resolve the conflict. This means that every “disease” process (ulcerative colitis, Addison’s disease, fibromyalgia, cancer, heart disease, etc.) is actually a very intentional and purposeful program in the body.

3. At the moment of shock, your subconscious creates a map of the present sensory data.

As you go about your daily life, your subconscious is constantly collecting data through your five senses. Much of it is mundane and quickly discarded, but as it perceives and interprets the world around you, it is programmed to recognize threats (whether real or potential) such as the fight with your spouse.

In the scenario above, when you walk through the door and are confronted with an unexpected argument, your sub-conscious goes on high alert and suddenly EVERY piece of data becomes meaningful.

The alarm is sounding, “Danger! Danger! You weren’t expecting this. Be on guard!”

4. The conflict shock causes physical changes to your brain and organs that can be observed on medical tests.

At the very same instant your subconscious perceives the threat, it simultaneously affects a predetermined area of your brain (the Hamer Foci or ring formation on the CT scan), this then begins a special program in the corresponding organ.

This process happens automatically - meaning you may not even be conscious of it and you can’t control it. The purpose of initiating the special program is to help your body adapt with physical changes so that you can effectively manage and resolve the threat or conflict you are facing.

This is why we say that every single symptom you have is not a mistake. It is actually an intentional adaptation in your body that is meant to help you survive.

5. Just like you can’t control when the adaptive program is initiated (because you weren’t expecting the conflict), you also can’t control which adaptive program is initiated.

This is because the conflict isn’t about the event itself as much as it is about how your subconscious perceives the event. Any number of things can affect your perception, such as your personality, values, beliefs, family, culture, and upbringing.

These are the things it is helpful to work on to change your perceptions and therefore change your physical health.

Most practitioners focus on your health history - the timeline of your physical and mental health symptoms.

They ask about your medications, hospitalizations, first menstrual cycle, and more, but they neglect to ask some very important questions.

6. We need to ask about your personal history.

This timeline - of significant events in your life - is a vital piece of information to help translate the meaning of and message behind your symptoms.

Only through the lens of your unique life experiences can we begin to make sense of your physical symptoms, since your body tells us how your mind perceives and your brain responds.

If we use the argument with your spouse as an example, can you think of a few different ways that it could be perceived depending on your background?

  • Maybe you struggle with self-esteem and you feel guilty like it’s your fault or deserved that your spouse is upset with you. In that case, you would be suffering from a self-devaluation conflict and experience symptoms of joint pain like arthritis.
  • Or maybe you grew up in a volatile household. When people raise their voices in anger, it’s hard for you to handle the ugliness, so you suffer from an indigestible morsel conflict and experience digestive symptoms like ulcerative colitis.
  • Or maybe you feel provoked by your spouse and suffer from a territorial anger conflict, which results in developing gallstones. 
  • Or maybe you are afraid that the constant bickering will lead to divorce, so you suffer a separation conflict resulting in breast cancer.

This is what makes the Whole Self rEvolution™ different.

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This is the final piece of the puzzle.

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