5 Reasons Brain Retraining Alone Doesn't Work (and What to Do)

Brain retraining is an excellent tool, but for many, it hasn't been the be-all, end-all they hoped it would be.


Here's what you're missing:

  • Some of the older programs only use a top-down approach and don't utilize a bottom-up, body-focused approach
  • Even some of the newer programs teach generalized, broad skills that don't TARGET the specific conflict shock or trauma that is driving your symptoms in the first place


1. Your symptoms are not caused by limbic system impairment.


This perspective implies that something is wrong or needs to be fixed in your body, which is incorrect. Your brain is not broken. Your limbic system is responding exactly as it was designed to when a threat is detected.


2. You probably haven't identified the real threat.


Maybe you are reacting to foods, chemicals, or personal products and you're trying to tell your brain these things aren't a threat. These things were never a threat. They  were always reminders of the original conflict shock or trauma. The same is true with mold, Lyme, etc.


3. You can't bypass trauma with nervous system regulation.


Through reverse engineering, you can identify the original event and perception that triggered your symptoms in the first place. This is where you need to target any somatic, nervous system regulation, or brain retraining tools. Then you also need to resolve the circumstances that shocked you.


4. You don't recognize that you even have trauma.


Or if you do, you may not know how to resolve a conflict shock or trauma. Obviously, if you knew how to do this, you would have done it already. An event registers as a shock when it catches you off guard and you don't have the skills to handle it effectively.

We can help you with this.


5. You stay in situations that are bad for biology.


You may continue to suffer from codependency or narcissistic abuse. No amount of brain retraining will help you heal if you remain stuck in a toxic or abusive cycle. It would be like trying to pour water into a bucket with holes.

You can learn the skills to overcome trauma.


This is what makes the Whole Self rEvolution™ different.

We help you take all the valuable skills you've learned so far (like brain retraining) and optimize your results. In our 6-week group coaching program, we show you how to identify your root cause conflict from a German New Medicine perspective. We then guide you to safely resolving these shocks by releasing limiting beliefs, somatic experiencing, healthy boundary setting, inner child work, and more.

This is the final piece of the puzzle.

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