My mission is to help you find freedom from fear and live as your whole self.

I know what it's like to live with an autoimmune disease - I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, health anxiety, PTSD, Addison's disease, POTS, and more. I knew from day one, however, that I wouldn't let these define me.

I believe that we have everything we need to heal. We give our power away when we start seeking answers outside ourselves. I tried all the prescriptions, supplements, detoxes, programs, naturopaths, healers, and more. All of it was a journey to come back to myself.

My story began with trauma.

I always knew instinctively that there was a connection between my chronic pain, fatigue, and anxiety and adverse childhood experiences, but this wasn't validated by conventional medical practitioners at the time.

I experienced a year of remission when I moved away from where I grew up, started a dream job, lived in a small town with a slower pace of life, and enjoyed spending time in nature.

All this progress was thrown out the window, however, when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and I became one of her primary caregivers until her passing.

This unlocked a whole new level of trauma for me. I was plunged into the worst health crisis of my life - bedridden and homebound, unable to work, hospitalized, and feeling abandoned by friends and family.

My story continues with healing.

I tried traditional talk therapy, which seemed to make things worse. Once I learned the power of German New Medicine + somatic work, I began to experience the deep internal shifts I knew that I needed.

This allowed me to get to the root of my symptoms by addressing unresolved trauma.

  • I learned how to speak my body's language with Dr. Hamer's research into the 5 Biological Laws.
  • I found freedom from fear as symptoms suddenly made sense as signs of healing.
  • I developed my method to stop symptoms in their tracks with a combination of brain retraining and somatic experiencing tools. 

This is how the Autoimmune Resolution™ method was born.

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My years of experience as a nurse prepared me to help others.

In addition to my personal experience with chronic illness, I spend 15+ years working as a registered nurse in the conventional healthcare system. I always knew I had a desire to expand my career beyond the bedside and clinical setting.

In 2012, I enrolled in my first certification program for health coaching and discovered my passion! I graduated from the Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy, founded by Linda Bark, one of the pioneers of the coaching industry. That training allowed me to become a Board-Certified Holistic Nurse Coach until I decided to leave nursing entirely in 2022.

As my interests and desires outgrew what traditional medicine had to offer, I moved into new modalities and attended the following certification programs:

My passion and personality are the heart of the Whole Self rEvolution™.

This is more than just another program or course for consuming information. I pour my whole self into this community so that you can reclaim your own identity. I believe you are so much more than your diagnosis. I believe that your healing journey is leading you to become a version of yourself you never knew was possible.

I am committed to partnering with each individual member to come out on the other side of this completely evolved in heart, mind, and body. I am not a healer. I am a mentor who helps you unlock your own innate healing abilities. 

This is what makes the Whole Self rEvolution™ different.

We help you take all the valuable skills you've learned so far (like brain retraining) and optimize your results. In our 6-week group coaching program, we show you how to identify your root cause conflict from a German New Medicine perspective. We then guide you to safely resolving these shocks by releasing limiting beliefs, somatic experiencing, healthy boundary setting, inner child work, and more.

This is the final piece of the puzzle.

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