Helping ambitious, inspired women who are tired of living in fear to break the cycle of chronic symptoms.

Vanessa overcame Chronic Lyme - without restrictive diets or protocols.
I did six months of high dose antibiotics for Lyme disease, a year of herbal treatments and detoxes, six months of LDN (low dose naltrexone), a year of BVT (bee venom therapy). I think they didn’t work because they weren’t addressing the root cause and because none of these “treatments” address the nervous system.
I learned a new way to approach healing! I’m feeling a lot more calm in my body. 
I’m reintroducing “forbidden” foods that I haven’t eaten in five years, I’ve stopped obsessing over symptoms, I’m focusing on mindset shifting and cultivating my ideal “garden.”
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You can break the cycle of fear and chronic illness.
I was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases and worked as a nurse for 15+ years. I tried to heal myself with nutrition and supplements, but it didn't work.
That's when I realized my real problem was unresolved trauma - which led me to study German New Medicine.
Now I'm able to work full-time, travel the world, and eat what I want! Let me share how you can, too. 
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